Repeating what I've done once before,
Recycling "hello" and "goodbye" pricelessly.
Rethinking my decisions isn't needed, this
Realistic world I've grown used to, I want to
Redo the world in hopes of something better.


Rewinding time like a VHS tape and
Regretting words that I've said before. 
Relaying through what I can't erase, I want to
Remove myself from this blank network.


Realizing that I can't erase my existence,
Remixed words used to spite blare loudly.
Rechecking through this empty space, then
Reforming my own perception until it's disfigured.


"Relax, I'll always be here with you,"
Rejected promises made ages ago.
Reapplying truth to this dreamscape;
Reality doesn't matter if you're here.


Revolving this world by walking forward,
Rewording promises so they tell truth.
Reasoning long since broke apart, 
Retroistic mindsets have no meaning in the






R e s t a r t. . .


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Our world
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