Lord, I need a revival

Tired of the same old same old;

Tired of fighting with myself

I know I made plenty of mistakes in the past,

But Lord I need your help Jesus

To make me more like you

So I may last.


I want something new, something better,

something fresh; something more than just church

and school;

I want to experience you at the fullest capacity:

Travel, Meet different people, do different things and see different cultures;

I want to rise above the chickens and soar with Eagles in a new city.

I know I don’t deserve your blessings, but I do desire them

Because I know you want me to enjoy the many blessings

I can obtain by faith if I just believe again;

Help me to understand you more father,

So I know that my requests aren’t a bother.

Last year I experienced the toughest time in my life

Not knowing where I was I supposed to be

Just empty and filled with frustration;

It was my first year of College, and you’ll think I would be celebrating,

But instead I was worried about my future, hoping I didn’t make a mistake;

By moving back to my old hometown, in the city that never sleeps;

Thought it was God’s plan for me until I seen the stress, turmoil,

fear and the anxiety I faced.

That’s why I want a revival because I know how far I slipped

I just wanted to live a wholesome, Godly life;

Be around likeminded Christians who are seeking God,

Having clean and Wholesome fun;

To be in a place where I feel safe

from pettiness, from loneliness, and from stress

Where we can speak to each other in truth but also in love

Where we can encourage one another, build each other up.

God thank you for loving me

In Spite of my shortcomings

I pray that God you make a change in my life

Not just a quick fix

But a life changing experience,

So that I don’t have to struggle like

I did before.















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