Reversed Roles

Tue, 04/03/2018 - 02:17 -- smalls

I look you in the eyes and I dont feel a thing anymore

Love changed and it just doesn't feel the same anymore 

It’s to the point where I stopped trying to force what’s not there anymore

Things changed and now dealing with you feels like a chore

How roles have switched and now I’m the one that you call for


I try to separate myself but you’re the routine I’m so used to

I pull away but I think I’m just scared of something new

That’s probably why I draw myself back to you

But things have changed and you’re not the person that I once knew

What was once one is slowly becoming into two


You notice the change in my behavior, my tone, even in my questioning

The transformation in the atmosphere leaves you trembling 

Now you’re starting to do everything I once longed for in the beginning 

You begin to realize that your timing is off and now it’s intimidating 

The my fear of me leaving has you stressing


My question to you is how does it feel?

The roles are switched and the thought of us isn’t ideal 

It’s heartbreaking to you because my actions reveal that our separation is becoming real

What we once had is slowly becoming a closed deal 

So again, how does it feel?


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