Tue, 02/16/2016 - 01:20 -- ejedem

Let me speak upon an issue that is relevant use my life example as the precedent you see whats hurting me is life and its adversity all this black surrounded by the white just like the president.  Blackness and white simply making a similie to darkness and light factors that do contrbute to my internal fight i got that fear in my heart like parking in the hood late at night  am i doing it right a continuous question. Judging all of my actions like is my life in session  i swear to do my best but i don't think that's what i solely do passing opportunities up just like Kobe do.  Assist me in fixing my life and all these issues man i need to resist the temptation to go ham not give a damn about mixing emotions of somebody who supports and just gets me it hits me deep in my heart cause I'm simply rushing through my life like i am dying at 50 my consequences build and catching up and they sit me in front of all my wrongs to show me life is just ticking im frustrated and puzzled because none of it clicking my brains a ball of ignorance and it needs some kicking im trynna turn the light on in my soul and im flicking this switch but every time i do the darkness just gets deep creating such a feeling that destroys me its sickening im really bout to cry i dont know why i dont get me i feel like im a failure man i swear if i let these blocks control my life then it will be the ending. So, now i know where i must go to a place where i can see the light and finally know the patterns for my decisions so that i can make revisions releasing this cloud darkness i can finally glow.

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