Revelation 4

Mon, 12/21/2020 - 16:03 -- Dr Rev


(c) Greg Stigter June 2018


A door opened in the heavens

And the first voice I heard

Sounded like a shofar

But each note was a word:

‘Come up here & I’ll reveal

What must follow on its heels’


And without delay I was up and away

I was in the Spirit on that day

I saw a throne when I opened my eyes

Being established in heaven,

I realised...


...There sits someone upon the throne

And the One on the throne

Ruby-red like jasper-stone

And around the throne

A rainbow emanated

Like an emerald honed

And illuminated


And around the throne

There are even more

Twenty-four of them in all.

And upon these thrones

Elders twenty-four

All sitting down, ready for the Lord...



...Clothed in garments

Of gleaming white

And on their heads

Golden crowns of light.

And from the throne

Flashes of lightning

And thunderous noises

And voices frightening.


7 firebrands burning bright

Right before the throne alight.

These are God’s 7 Spirits

Spoken of - written by the prophets.


Also spreading round

From that splendid seat

Is a crystalline glassy sea.

And on and around

That royal chair

Four living creatures

Eyes everywhere...


...And the 1st living creature

Is like a lion with a mane

And the 2nd living creature

Is like a young ox untamed

And the 3rd living creature

Has a man’s face, I’m spying

And the 4th living creature

Is like an eagle flying.



But the weirdest feature

Of the four living creatures

Are the eyes on both sides

Of the six wings that each has!

And they never rest, saying day and night:

‘Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of all might...


...Who was and is and is yet still coming!’

Yes, never resting from singing & humming:

‘Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of all might

Who was, and is, and is yet to arrive.’


When the living creatures give glory and honour

And thanks to the One

Who sits on the throne for...

The One who’s alive who opens the times

Which far eclipse any other times...


...The twenty-four elders fall in front of the seat

Of the Living One

And kiss the ground at His feet

Who’s paved the way

For these times of all times

Casting down their crowns

At the throne and crying:


‘Worthy are You our Lord and God

To receive glory and honour and power above

Because You made all things

And because You desired

All that was in Your heart – transpired!’

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Our world
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Dr Rev

My goal is to show the Bible is about love and inclusion,

not by deviating from the text but by digging for its treasure.

Then, I try to be as faithful as i can to the author's intent and style

and present it in a rhythmic rhyming format.


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