The Revelation

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 11:23 -- aching4

Her mother, the symbol of absolute perfection 

won’t be seen until the resurrection 

her father, the symbol of wisdom and power 

is gone in his darkest hour 

her sister, the girl next door

stabbed in the back and called a whore 


i’ve lost so many friends

the number just depends

people come and go

i guess that’s just to show

there are real ones and there’s the fake

those are truly just a huge mistake 


the real ones stay through these times

the real ones fight through the crimes

there are days when i’m just so low 

there are days that are just too slow

i go insane through the days

i’m crazy in so many ways 


my happy place is when i’m alone

but i guess i don’t want that to be known


i sit in the dark, the wind on my face

proud of myself, no longer a disgrace 


i pray to God to find good friends

not one who just pretends 

ive had some friends who stay by my side 

through the thick and thin, they’re here for the ride

they’ve seen me laugh 

theyve read my paragraph 

theyve seen me cry

i cannot lie

but im thankful for these few 

those are the ones who are true


my friends are my inspiration 

my new realization 

although i find sadness within me 

I’m now stronger than I ever could be 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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