The Return Of A Writer

I'm sorry

For, I know it has been awhile

And throughout that time life went on its ways

whether wide or maybe narrow

The paths I've taken, the things I've experienced

Continously shown in a whole new perspective a plethora of things that,

at some points,

at least to me,

caused me a bit nausea and hints of being delirious.

Now, no need for alarm, at least if there's any

For a while, maybe longer, I've just been trying to rediscover what I used to call me

It has hetic

But again, don't sweat it.

Life may run its blade through me

And, in some cases I may fall

But fellowships and love hold me together

And that's what can keep me strong

However, it had been a while since I had last had that remembered

So its now time that I return

As the writer.




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