Tossing and turning and it’s 2:17 AM I

can’t sleep with sheets twisted around my limbs

stretching and grasping in the dark at the dark and it’s too hot

this pillow under my head I

turn it over 27 times

in an effort to find the cold side but

it’s no good one foot hanging out

over the edge of the bed

is cold I should just throw off these sheets

escape this hot tangled mess now

I’m cold and I

left the television screen

shining from the far wall and

it’s pulsing a painful beat into my eyes I

sit up and my head is pounding I

need to find the remote

turn it off turn off the light turn off the static turn off my mind I

clutch the remote and the glow flicks to black

matching the room

no light no sound that I’m not making


and my body doused in sweat

trickles like ice water

grab the sheets a moment

of comfort and now I’m back to being hot and

arms and legs extend again

in wasted effort and it’s 3:31 AM


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