Rest In Peace, Hazel

You became family when you moved to my place.
You showed a lot of love when you licked my face.
It was sad and heartbreaking when I watched you die.
You weren't just a dog, you were also my Sweetie Pie.
I bought you in 2020 and I only owned you for three years.
Your death is a painful experience that has driven me to tears.
You were small with chocolate brown fur.
When I say that you were special, I'm sure.
If I live to be a hundred, you're a dog who I'll never forget.
I will always be proud because you were a wonderful pet.
I have something important to tell you because it's true.
You were my Chihuahua and I'll always love and miss you.


(Dedicated to Hazel who died on December 9, 2023)


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