I came up lost in loneliness in a small town

My only escape was often swimming in the clouds

You were a breath of fresh air I slowly took in

A diamond in the rough, a diamond lying in ruins


I recall our summers being tame, although our emotions ran wild

I would say to you, “Let yourself be taken by whatever you desire”

What in me brought out the best in you?

I compulsively lied; you knew the truth


Our old hideout was broken down but still sound

In it, we were up in smoke; to it, we were bound

Our treasured late nights under alluring skies

Never-ending moments turn to memories divine


Since the end I have been upset to say the least

I have learned that to cry does not make you weak

Fragile; like our adolescent fears we came apart

Have you anything to say to my nostalgic heart?


Like the sun at day’s end you made my walls come down

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