Remembering Someday

Barefoot dances on summer nights

Midnight talks on the phone

Laughing with you, being with you

Perfectly happy, perfectly together

A fling at the end of our Summer

And a little bit of romance in the fall

Arguing is your favorite hobby

And our relationship was just too rocky




Door slamming, restless nights

Angry screams and fainting calls

My mind can’t take much stress

So we had to end this pointless mess

It wasn’t our choice to make nontheless

You promised me someday

I’m holding on to that day as best as I can

Even if that makes me turn down every man


Holding our forever might be worth it

If what is received is what only you can give me

I’ll hold out for someday if it means that fling

I’ll hold on for those barefoot dances and midnight calls

Someday might wake in the 'morrow

Wonderful days, restless days, it may be crazy to want nothing more

I could live with no sleep for the rest of my life if that meant an 'us'

So I'll hold on to your promise of the future, promises of trust


When I get weary and I get lonely

Just to get through another day,

I'll go back to the one and only

Remembering Someday


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