Do you remember

The first day we met?

Complete strangers, but you always smiled at me.

Do you remember

How close we became on the first week?

You always told me jokes and made me laugh.


Do you remember

How shy and insecure I was,

But you always told me I was beautiful.

Do you remember

Those days when we would eat lunch together,

Just the two of us?


Do you remember

How nervous you were when you told me you would ask your crush out

And I just smiled and said, “You can do it.”

Do you remember

How distanced we became when you two were together?

We didn’t laugh the way we used to.


Do you remember

Always coming to me whenever you two fought,

But you always went back to her?

Do you remember

When we started talking less and less,

And stopped altogether by high school?


Do you remember

How our four years of friendship turned to dust,

Because of girls and relationships?

Do you remember

When we spoke for the first time during our graduation

After passing glances in the hallways for four years?


Do you remember

When you said, “I missed you?” and how happy I was when you said that?

Do you remember

The good times we had before you signed up for the military

And you never came back?


Do you remember?

Because I do.


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