Pain streaked through crimson knuckles

Dry brown eyes gazed blankly at the night sky

His brain shocked by numbness

As an icy talon dug its way into his empty chest

He closed his eyes to relive a silent memory.


The pause was long and quiet

His simple words felt like leaves drifting lazily in an autumn breeze,

Weaving a path through the air with no purpose

Once part of something beautiful

But now scattered across the dead ground.

He kept his head down

Jaw clenched

As frozen agony spread around his skull.


Moments passed

A void filled his torso

Ragged breaths

Impaled his lungs

Acid dripped from a still heart.


Her once beautiful face

Now looked down on him with an ugly pity

Comforting words piercing his bleeding heart

With ruthless intensity.

A scream tore itself from his soul

Ripping through his body,

Crumbling his mind.

Without warning,

A flood of memories burst forth

Razor sharp emotions

Slicing the threads of his being.


He smiled with understanding

Realized his stupidity.

She looked at him

Open worry in her eyes

He looked at her

Hollow loneliness in his own.


Iron mingled with salt

As he pressed his hands to his face

His throat raw

His eyes red

His knuckles bloody

His brain dead

His soul beaten

His heart broken.


Punished for his blindness

Obsessed with his ignorance

Zealous in his hope

Obsolete in his love.


He hugged his knees

Shivering from the cold

Trembling with misery

A pathetic figure huddled against the shadows.

Wet black eyes bored into clenched hands

Exhausted he closed his eyes


Only to remember.


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