Remember, long ago when we could build forts,  hide from the monsters, under our beds in our closets  in our heads, When life was easy,  and chores were something you dreaded, when a dog died, he barked in heaven, When our dreams came alive and we, We were the creators and thinkers; the architects of worlds, And now, We believe you can't hide that you must stand and fight, that sometimes chores aren't that bad, We let our dreams slip away, like a sheet off a bed  or the snow off a shed, We can't possibly imagine playing Army, because our friends who held your back in those wars of heart, went to Iraq, And didn't come back... When you believed your parents were immortal, Gods; in their own right, But Then you see the coffin, the hole, the final resting place of our dreams and hopes, Sometimes, I honestly, Frivolously, Try to remember, I want to, Somethings, I just can't pull back the curtains of my mind and see, The play,  That was my life, Sometimes remembering, Is all I can do, When I'm older and stronger, I will remember, and I won't regret.



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