There are memories that I wish would fade,
Memories that to this day, I'm still afraid.
They give you the talk and expect you to know,
And they remind you the talk when you continue to grow. 

My innocence was taken at a very young age,
It was like I was an animal, locked in a cage.
My body was paralyzed for him to take,
The pain was there to make certain, that I was awake. 

A nightmare, a nightmare, it had to have been,
but every night he'd enter, his skin touching my skin. 
I cried silently tears, I repeated no,
“Hush” he told me, “Don't worry, no one will know”

Today I continue to keep my door locked, 
and I sometimes move furniture so it can be blocked. 
5 years, and I lay awake with memories of pain, 
Let it go, go away, please leave my brain. 

I stayed silent for fear of others, 
I haven't even told you, my dearest mother. 
That's why when I die, you'll read this letter, 
That's why I'm leaving, this is for the better. 

Good-bye mother, I'll soon be at peace, 
The pain from my mind will be released. 


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