Relationship Problems

My heart is choking, 
Pain trying to silence it.
Every beat more painful than the last.
With every tear held back the pain strengthens.
But no one must know the pain inside. 
Your hand wrapped around it constricting it with every hurtful move. 
You don't mean it, but you do it.
Actions speak louder than words.
But what exactly do your actions say?
They are so quick and sudden I can't hear them.
They float away in the wind like every broken promise I have ever been told,
But don't worry they aren't just from you. 
"I will never hurt you"
"I didn't mean it"
Venom seeping from your mouth.
More poisonous than cyanide. 
Is it just me over reacting?
I wouldn't know. 
Because away you will soon go..
You claim you won't.
You say you pray.
But how would I know anyway?
I am too much to handle.
I am sick.
I am just not right.
I pray you won't go.
Sadly only God knows.
Hopefully he isn't trying to make another lesson out of this one. 
Relationship Problems. 

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