Reinvented Rapunzel

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!”

Rapunzel cringed inward and sighed with despair.

Her hair ladder was good for one thing indeed,

For seeing her prince, she did desperately need.


She fawned over his hair, his muscles and whiskers,

And secretly wished she could strap on his knickers.

How she longed to cut her locks short--

without losing everyone’s love and support.


She was scared to trade the love of the best,

For a new crew cut and a flatly-bound chest.

But wouldn’t it be better to be her own champion

Instead of the girl who was traded for rampion?


Despite the knot in her stomach, she decided to be brave

And finally act like she wanted to behave.

With great vim and vigor, she chopped off her tresses—

Into the fire went all of her dresses.


No longer prone to toil and cower

Rapunzel finally leapt from the tower.

Word could not describe how proud,

He finally was, to live out loud.

In the end, Rapunzel was finally free—

With a new haircut, his prince, and he.




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