Refuge In Books

I would like to thank books

For being my refuge in this world.


When I was younger

I resented others my age

All they did was bully and cheat

So I found refuge within the page.


I fell in love with stories and tall tales

So tall that no one could reach me

When I was so deep within the lines, the words

The black ink that seemed to always run on forever

Giving myself all the shelter that I needed.


Every story

From Shakespeare’s cruel tragedies and his twisted comedies

To pages upon pages about a boy with a lightning scar

The lines about hobbits and wizards and elves

Everything from the myths of gods and goddesses

Their time on earth and in the heavens.

A tale I enjoy is Harry Potter

I learned that all it took is to believe in one’s own self in order to achieve

I have been starting to believe in myself more and more lately.


I found refuge in the strips of comic panels

Spider-Man, The Amazing X-Men,

Teen Titans, Wonder Woman

With the BOOMs and BANGs

The crime fighting and colorful designs

The justice that was always served at the end

A comic that I always loved was The X-Men

They taught that no matter how different someone is, they are still a living creature who deserves

a chance

And from that moment on I have been trying to be more open minded about life.


Books about serious issues

Tales speaking of depression, anxiety

Suicide, getting help


A book I enjoy is called Cut

And I learned that there are people out there who are willing to help

I learned that I need help.

Every story has a




And so does my life,

So I better make it the best story that I’ve ever read.


Ever since I was younger

Books have comforted me on my best and worst days

The thousands of pages that will soon be apart of me

I took refuge in books

And it has taught me more about the world and myself

More than I ever thought I would.


I would like to thank books

For being my refuge in this world.


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