Reflections in Grey

Water spirals as it wanders over concrete, flirting with the whispering winds

that sing to cajole frightened flowers into showing their faces.

Thunder rumbles in the background, like a disgruntled cat

that was not content with her morning meal.

(The sky is milk-stained grey-white with clouds today.)

Trees wave sluggishly, despondently,

drooping branches heavy with the sound of water droplets.

They beckon lost birds to accompany them for a while.

Patches of grass shine bright false-gold yellow

against their peers that are green with envy.

A frog belts out his solo part with gusto,

but a watery curtain has already fallen on nature’s chorus,

and his call is only met by the white noise caught in tangled wood.

For this moment, all is covered by a blanket of endless clouds and falling rain.


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