Reflection, Reflection


Her reflection only shows a figure,

But her diary reflects much more.


There you see her

With a smile, and looking serene...


But on the contrary; she is doleful;

To call her depressed wouldn't be correct,

But dejected and wounded.


With a soul so damaged,

With a heart so shattered,

She stands strong:


Patiently waiting

For her nightmares to end.


Sadly she fears

That days will stretch longer;

nights even further

and her misery will continue

because even if she turns her pillow,

her dreams turn Evil.


I am the only one who knows of this;

As she walks down the halls

She wears a smile,

but carries her feelings on paper.


I know her all too well

I've seen her dwell in pain,

With tears on her cheeks-


the reflection only shows a figure

But if you look closely;

My eyes hide much more.


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