Reflected on Film

The memories flooded back

As I looked through the photo album

Reflected on film

All the taunting and teasing that my former self received

Fat jokes that would follow me down school halls

"Who are you gonna eat next Lardy Lucy?"


I had memorized the number of tiles I needed to walk from class to class

I tried to blend in, be unseen

Hiding behind tangled brown hair

And thick rimmed glasses

But that never stopped them

A constant echo in my ears of their tormenting voices


"Watch out for Lardzilla"

The shame put on me at school

Followed me home at three

In my solitary room

Sat a single covered mirror

I hadn't been able to face my reflection for weeks


Whenever I attempted

All I could see was the cannibalistic monster everyone believed to be true

Until it was true

I flip to the back of the album

Fast forwarding ten months

A beauty has taken the beast's place


A sliver compared to the person before

Protruding ribs shown beneath her shirt

Cascading blonde hair falls on her shoulders

No glasses sit upon the perfectly shaped nose

Pure radiance shines, dimming the group of friends around her

It doesn't matter that this beauty came with a price


Because the pain that sat in the pit of her stomach

Is now puked up with the rest

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