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People ask me what I why I wanted to be a “filmmaker.”
They ask why I am passionate for film. I tell them because I like lighting, which helps setting the mood. Lighting is how you craft your image. The mixture of lights and shadows, the colors that show unconscious emotions of the people in the screen. Lighting sets the tone for the movie.
But that’s not why I wanted to be a filmmaker.

I tell people I’m a filmmaker because I enjoy working with cameras. It goes hand in hand with lighting. Cameras are the eyes that allow us see the scene, the characters and their triumphs, their downfalls. The camera lets you know when a woman has met her true love, when you see that man has to fight to protect her. Or to hold her while she draws her last breath… We see on camera, and this is one reason why I am passionate for film.
But that’s not the reason I wanted to be a filmmaker either.

The real reason is while growing up, I’ve always had something to say. I’ve had beautiful ideas, which can’t be put on paper. Ideas which no words cannot begin to express… When I try to explain what I feel, I get misunderstood, or it just gets knocked aside. Words from a kid who has nothing to say.. Being a quiet person never helped.
But not with film. With film, you sit and you watch, you listen, you absorb. You take in the things that I have to say, the things I’ve always been trying to tell you, but never could say… You see my vision on the silver screen, the TV screen, the computer monitor… You understand why I’ve become a filmmaker. Each movie being something I’ve had to say.

That’s why I wanted to be a filmmaker, it’s the reason I‘m a filmmaker and the reason I will always be one.. I’ve something meaningful to say.. You just have to tune in and watch me, if you give me the chance.


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