Red, White, and Blue


United States
37° 41' 6.558" N, 122° 9' 27.27" W

“I pledge alliance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.”
On July 4th, 1776 the Day of Independence, Americans sit and watch the sky ablaze with colors fascinated by its beauty. Be it those same colors that walk by them every day. And those days receive a look of disgust or just ignored. The smell of smoke fills our nostrils and it’s accepted because it is an odor that is protruded from enjoyment. Same way the smell is accepted in the lynching of Negroes. It came from pure enjoyment.
Red, White, and Blue.
Barbequing has become a famous pastime. Pastime beginning with the burning of people at the stake for not belonging to the same faith. We couldn’t have witches performing spells and trickery on this pure land. This is one nation under God. This once patriotically society practices its patriotism by proudly wearing its colors of red, white, and blue.
Red, White, and Blue.
This country’s first people were the red that were captivated, killed and driven out by the white, which lead to their blue tears down the trail.
Red, White, and Blue.
These United States of Americas are supposed to be a union. But when I drive down the road I still see Confederate flags waving at me. As if I asked to red hands with the blood of my people, its white sclera only its inner eye holds souls, and its blue uniform born to fight in an uncivil war.
Red, White, and Blue.
Waving one’s flag of pride when pride in oneself cannot be fully practiced in this country. What makes your red and white stripes better than the rainbow of an entire community? What makes your stars any better than the ones the Jews were forced to wear so they could have a close eye put on them.
My friends don’t have green scales, multiple arms, and threatening to take me captive. So why are they called aliens? So when does Mexico equal outer space? I didn’t know Mexicans roots were extra- terrestrial.
On July 4th, 1776 was stating we were individuals states free from Britain’s control. So know we just have to worry about freeing ourselves from our neighboring claws around our neck, as tight as nuces.
See my head tends to sag a bit cause the elderly don’t share their wisdom. But let their faces sag with an over abundance of insides never been released. So sagging has become a generational curse. My head isn’t fully on straight because my people are told not to be gay. What’s wrong with the country being happy for a change?
See your hands can’t buy your freedom. See Lincoln didn’t free all the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. And Jefferson didn’t free everyone with the Declaration of Independence. So that makes your pennies and nickels worthless.
Every 4th of July we set firecrackers in celebration of crackers firing their superiority at the minority.
We shoot for the red, white, and blue. Boom! We shoot for the red, white, and blue. Bang! We shoot for the red, white, and
The blue lights of a cop car highlight the red blood oozing from the innocent. The black face now white from its paleness and now lifeless lips now blue.
POW! How free are we if the cops are still shooting to kill the innocent. See Sean was taken before the bell of his wedding could ring. And Grant wasn’t even Oscar for his picture in an unbelievable story, because that depiction was his life and the scene cannot be deleted. And this is how unarmed are treated around witnesses. Only imagine how worse when they are.
We’ve gone from dog bites to tazers, butts of guns to bullets. Jail cells only caging us in our skin cells. How free are we if racists still brace each other not to erase racism when no one is near the finish line? And no one will be, until we diminish the divisions of “different groups” of people.
This is the official Declaration of Independence, liberating ourselves from our country’s shackles. Cause Independence Day truly didn’t bring anyone freedom. Especially if we still are celebrating it.
“ I pledge alliance to the flag of the United”… Just Stop!

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I put a lot of effort and emotion into this poem, and I hope people can relate to what I felt at one time.

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