Red ties Blue to Green


30 Palm Street North Providence, Rhode Island
United States
33° 36' 6.3864" N, 117° 54' 4.8672" W

Blue meets Green-

There's static at the fingertips.

A shock of something sweet,

When palm brushes palm.

The connection is electric.

Eyes are bright as bulbs.

Hearts begin to race-

They never stop.

Red string is evident,

As it ties one to the other.

Acting as a life line more than ever.

The bond is unbreakable.

Steel scissors would crumble-

If ever they tried to snip.

Beyond love is what this is.

Their smiles are like the sun,

Radiating warmth to those who can't feel what they can.

Kisses are like stars bursting.

They put simple fireworks to shame.

If one were to go,

The other would follow,

Because how can Green live

Without Blue?


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