Rectified ambiances turn into Peace Rallies

The train to insanity has finally surceased into oblivion 

Massive transitions engulfed the sin of men

Grassroot movements transcribed itself into counter cultures ramified by sin

Grin thick affinities with enigmatic stigmas, trudge into the inferno

Canisters of sterno started up the revolutionary within the dumbfounded

I counted up all my faults and came to the conclusion that concise convicts could conflict the conduct

Influx distortion minstrel cycles

Regress the politics and commence to rust

Resist trust in all like matters

Facts remain pure for one instance, when cadavaric cancer dilutes the answers

Amber energy brought out from the fantastic savage laughter

Freedom died intrusively

Kill the Mad lunacy

Play Taps on the rib cages while I incite Purjury

Solemn silence at last

The mightiest pen was soon defeated by the sword



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