Mon, 01/09/2017 - 23:25 -- JCC

I stood here before,

dreaming to soar,

Thinking about all that was in store. 

Wishing all be well, but I fell.

I still dwell,

 in the shadow of my past.

I still dream to be,

but I learned more, you see.

This year I felt the pain,

I have fallen from eternal gain.

Don´t you understand this constant dwelling

That brings us woe in pains bellowing. 

I took on to much.

 Here I am again,

reflecting from where I began

I find myself falling in what I never thought

A painful, educational fraught.

I learn now

I must take a bow,

to the one that brings me life,

In the eternal bosom of Christianity.

(basically in the past year I took on to many challenges that let me down and this year I learned that I must let go and trust in Christ to be truly successful and escape pain´s grasp.)



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