reasons why i hate myself

1) we fucked.

and im sorry because i know 

when youve had such bad luck thats something that cuts tohat the bone

and im regretful because i know 

that when you pulled my hair

you had venom corsing through your swollen veins

your muscles were warm and your arms were tense

you knew where you were 

you could easily recite your exact coordinants 

on this map like life

and you noticed i didnt say a word

 i love you even though you dont know enough 

about me to know that this fecade is only a bluff

because i am just a red dotted line that you lightly brushtough

as your finger traces paths that you dream of

your anticipated "tomorrow"s and your dreaded "i want to go homes"

but you never turn around and i can only 

watch in crimson silence 

as your hand brushes bast every red dotted

just as it had once to me.




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