The Reason We Love

We are born,

We live, we die.

We get married, or don't.

Have kids, or don't.

Continuing to live

Is an option.

When we die

Is an option until it isn't.

Loving someone is never


We love our parents,

We love our siblings,

We love our pets,

We love our spouses,

We love our children.

These aren't optional.

These aren't choices.

"Because I love you,"

Is redundant,

Because shouldn't that just be



Best friends love each other,

They think that they'll stay together


But as one grows older,

As I grew older,

We split apart.

And that was fine, because

Even though we split apart,

One still loves the other.

But it's not me.

"Because I love you,"

Became a trap, a cage,

A way to get me to come back to her,

To what we had.  I refused.


Now my best friends are boys,

Young men who are wonderful,

Strong in heart and mind, and sometimes

In body too.  But they are still my friends.

And how could I not love them?

"Because I love you,"

Is a freeing thing, a way to fly,

To live like I couldn't before in that

Other cage of being loved.


"Because I love you,"

Should be a constant.

"Because I love you,"

Shouldn't be a cage.

"Because I love you,"

Should be the thing that 

Sets you free from grief,

And shame, and the weight

Of living life, and let you

Fly away in glee.


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