The Reason To The Rush

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 00:15 -- Becka78

I sit here in the darkness and I write these rhymes

Calmin’ down my sanity turn it to a clarity

I don’t do it for the fame, I just wanna focus and survive

No time for this vanity that’s not what you ask from me


I’m drippin so far down

Trippin slippin away

The lyrics overflowin’ and it’s drivin me insane

Cuz when you’re fittin’ puzzle pieces clippin’ perfection into place

The next lyrical composition introduces itsself with grace


Don’t give me that face

I’m only here to spread the word

People thinkin’ life is hopeless gotta tell em what its worth

Maybe pull em out the tragedy that’s eatin’ at their mind

Show em mountain tops and hurricanes and make em feel alive


Or rather show em a sign

That love is possible after all

That sometimes touch won’t make you wanna punch a hole in the wall

The past is painful, it is

But you gotta step up past the shit

That left you broken on the floorboards, to empty to cry it

Made you want nothin’ more than to tear off your own skin and

Made you wonder why you’re still alive, breathin’


But see there’s a light at the end of this tunnel

There’s a reason to the rush

You’ll someday find the antidote and rise out of the dust

The topical tropical methodical bust

That’s the reason for the rhyme, the harmony and flow you see

Gotta show em somehow why not do it through the poetry

Send the wisdom surgin’ through the purple veins of society

So maybe once and for all the people can live and be free


Feelin the breeze, up in the trees

Make the pictures in their head see what they wanna see

Make em believe it’s not what it’s all cracked up to be

Show the generation this little bitty piece of me


Stoppin’ and poppin’ the beats droppin’ so low

You can barely tell the difference from the ceilin’ to the flo’

It’s the kind of poetry you like to vibe with, all night

Gonna tell yo friends ‘bout it in the mornin, light


But it’s still here, it’s still me, worthy of trials and the scorn

People still be out trippin on the money and the glory

But I’m sippin on the smoothest I don’t need to be more

Never even made an album don’t need to settle the score

Cuz the mysteries I solve will touch you straight into the core

Whether or not its famous don’t need to knock on that door


I write for the feelin and I write for the stone cold

Walkin up like Einstein but naw, I’m never growin’ old

Cuz once it’s on the paper it’s a fingerprint in time

Maybe it’s a symphony or maybe it’s a rhyme

But it’s got ya tongue tied

Make it worth your smile

Makes you think a little bit about life for a while

Think about the other side

How to take it for the ride

Cuz baby life’s a rollercoaster now just let me be your guide


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