The reason of melancholy

2 February 2019 8:46 AM A melancholy morning to a melancholy daySlowly passing by untill a melancholy night gives way Then comes the melancholy week then the melancholy month is hereTravel through the next eleven and then comes the melancholy year A melancholy decade and then a few moreAnd then you will walk through melancholy centuries door As you lie within your melancholy bed and think back on your melancholy lifeYou try to understand what happened to cause the pain and stife Will the answer come to you will you finally understandThat life was always with you, in the palm of your hand All you had to do was release it and let it goAnd then you would have had a grand life to show But you clung to life afraid to let it goAnd melancholy then set it in and life had lost its glow 

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