The Reason

Why do I write poetry? It allows you to set your mind free.

It can tell a story in pages, or merely in a few sentences. 

Whatever style you desire, free verse or a strict rhythm.

Poems can be about anything and anyone.

It can talk about historical events or theories of the future.

It can talk about colors, emotions, or regular everyday items.

It can be about the river that flows through the moutain

Or the fire that burns not only in the forest, but also in your soul

A poem can describe a person, a lover, family member, or friend

It can talk about society, its specialties and its problems

Poems can be about a major play in the game,

The painting you drew, or the song you created

It can be historical, emotional, or political

Anything and anyone can be a poem.

Whatever style you desire, whatever topic you cover

It all can be a piece of poetry. And that is my reason.


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