The Reason


United States
32° 56' 12.7932" N, 96° 37' 54.2856" W

I sit here with my pencil in hand
Imagining i'm sitting in sand
Dreaming of the way the water gushes toward my toes
Fighting the urge to jump in and and go with the flows
The waters cerulean glow is mesmerizing
The seagulls have begun to sing
Scratch that now i'm staring at the mountains
Enjoying the view of the many plains
The jagged ends that create such beauty
And the buzzing sound of a bee
Different scenes and different times
Descriptions jotted down in rhymes
I write so that I can share my imagination
For anyone to read in the world or nation
I write to share my experiences
And for those whose life is also a mess
For those who want to hear my story
And those who feel the same as me
Those who admit they have a crack or tear
Those who need help anywhere


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