The Realness of Fake

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 01:06 -- Jeff77


United States
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The things that I take
Make me feel real
People tell me it's all fake
The colors that I see
They represent me
It's flowing through my veins
Until it reaches my brains
I think I'm doing fine
Hell I feel I'm on cloud nine
All my fears
Seem to disappear
Feel good for a while
I'm in love with this style
But as quickly as it came
It goes away all the same
Then I'm back
Back to reality
No more rhyme
No more feeling
No more love
Stuck in a world all alone
Feeling lonely
No longer on the sun
But stuck in reality
A place I don't wanna be
Don't wanna be here forever,
So I run back
Not to feel good but
Makes me feel great
Now I'm in a state
It's never too late
I think I feel alive again
At least that's what I feel
I know, no, I think it's real
People say I should give up
But I know I'm tough
It makes me feel the same way
You know what I'm tryin' to say
I can't feel your love anymore
It's starting to take control
It's eating at my soul
I can only live on a feelin'
It all ends if I stop believin'
They say that I'm sick
But I'm not a prick
But what does it matter
It's not like I can die
If I'm only high

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