I started the year as any other 

I never thought I could learn so much

Or grow so much

The year was like an unpaved road 

But it sure was a trip

It started out with Insecurities

But I learned so quickly that every human is made as a beautiful creation

I was just blinded by the societal exceptions

Then once I learned to love myself

I saw the issues of the outside world

And it just seemed as they had grown into an unbeatable monster

I saw the racism we still faced in our country

Men's lives were lost just because of the complexion they wore

And it happened so many times

But it brought people together

I saw my own community merging

Like it had never before

Fast forward to the elections

I remember being frightened about Trump

I thought he could never win

But the ideas he believed frightened me

And it was sad to see people supporting his ideas

I remember staying up to watch the elections

When he got Michigan I started worrying

And then it was final

He had won

I cried right away

Because I couldn't believe people supported his ideas

I thought that maybe there was still a possibility

He still wouldn't become president

But as time passed the chances seemed smaller

And this event again brought my community closer

We realized that we have to stick together

We're stronger that way

Overall the year had sad moments

But with those sad moments

Things were realized

And with those realizations comes a better year


This poem is about: 
My country


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