Reality Enough

Thu, 01/02/2020 - 19:53 -- Aegis

“The world is a canvas and 

The paintbrush your hand,

You can paint it as you’d like it

Just don’t make it bland!”


The prompt was clear and the time was near

And the sound of ticking was tense,

As the classroom full of good souls at school

Waited anxiously for their chance:


As laid down before them was a famed glowing sphere

Which was now theirs to do what they may-

But on the globe laid before them it appeared that sheer boredom

Had affected the paints of past days.


On the canvas they witnessed not a Christmas that lacked 

A putrid poison shade of greed.

And woven into the fabric were tapestries of panic

And anxiety that covered the sheen.


The whole globe was empty of purity and empathy

And instead offered darkness without light,

And our new group of painters slowly lost interest

In adding good to this wasteland in sight.


But one figure stood steady with her small scalpel blade

And a conviction to do what she would,

And when the time was presented she carefully descended

And began shaping whatever she could.


She took out some fear and replaced it with hope;

The violence she switched out for hugs;

And heartbreak of others she buried and covered 

In ice cream and hot cocoa mugs.


But as she stepped back to admire her work

She saw she’d barely done one part,

Yet to her delight it seemed others saw her light

And began to mimic her art.


This lone heroic figure had done only what she could

With no intent other than love-

For since it pained her to see others under labor

To them, she gave reality enough.


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