Reality Of Depression

1. You are obsessed

2. with being depressed

3. Monsters in your head

4. Running to your bed

5. As you sit right here

6. Your thoughts aren’t very clear

7. You can’t stop trying

8. But you keep lying

9. Your mind is going black

10. You wish you could run back

 11. Others pray for it

12. You want to quit

13. You want your days to be gone

14. And you just are about done

15. You just want to fly away

16. And maybe go back a day

17. Crying alone

18. Saddened tone

19. Maybe you want to be taken

20. To a place you won’t awaken

21. You’re feeling very ill

22. All you can be is still

 23. You look up at the blue sky

24. Wondering if you can fly

25. Before your time ends

26. Will you make a friend?

27. Your mom wants you to behave

28. You want to be in a grave

29. You get way to much hate

30. Which you don’t appreciate

31.  You don’t want to eat

32. You also feel incomplete

33.  You get hit with a belt

34. as your heart just melts

35. Running for the door

36. You hear another roar

37.  You woke up you were just dreaming

38. But to you that was hard believing

39.  Crying…. crying

40. Dying…. dying


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