Realistically Speaking, You're Unrealistic


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A man once said to me,
"Live for the moments of beauty,
seldom as they may be."
At the time, I took the man's advice,
but as of late, I have found he opposite to be true.
Beauty is not a scarcity.
In fact, it surrounds our daily lives.

The problem is not a lack of beauty,
rather a lack of clarity.
Beauty is the pitter patter of a child jumping around in the rain.
It's the strum of a string and the music it creates.
It's the frequency of a heartbeat,
the creation of a new soul,
Everything makes us human.

Beauty is the gravity that holds it all together
and keeps our feet rooted on the ground.
Beauty is a child,
staring up at you and asking why you and daddy fight.
The fact that you have no response-
no way to explain the events,
and the realization that to this child,
having two happy parents means the world.

Beauty is undeserved.
Beauty gets us through the day.
When we feel lost, we turn to the thing that makes us feel
safe and comfortable.
Be it music, reflection, writing, or laying down, staring at the night's sky.

Beauty gives us something to fall back on.
Our own, personal security blanket,
minus the embarrassment of still carrying one.

Beauty is in our thoughts,
our memories.
So I repeat,
there is no such thing as a lack of beauty.
Just a lack of clarity, appreciation, and humility.


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