Real Woman

Many men don't take time
to notice or understand
the real definition or description
cause most look for something
fast and quick.
Some men pay more attention
to lips and curves
rather than her mind and her words
that she use and almost never misuse.
You see fellas real women
are more than just
breast and ass.
She's independent, hard-working
top-notch, high class
wants to be first rather than last
putting everything on the table
instead of watching the hours pass.
She's a diva, go getta
sweet, patient, trend setta
and everything in that nature.
These women work hard
to get good  checks
and when in public comes correct
with any issue she face
at that time and place.
She's not a one-nighter
but an all-lifer
which mean choosing a
strong man over a weak boy
is her goal in order
to be treated like gold
by the one she hands her heart to.
So guys,
little advice,
don't be attracted cause she looks nice
and don't cheat, lie, and wonder why
she left you cause
you wasted her time.
For she is never a nickel









So powerful in only so many words. Good job speaking the truth! Amen!


Thank you so much! Had to speak the truth because people just don't know!

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