The Real Story Of Me

Born to be mexican with two great parents and six annoying siblings

My ups and down at six flags 

To smile and to glow the day coming up, to look up and say thank you

To grow and be jealous of what i didnt get at age 4 on a birthday

and finally getting a room to cry and laugh in 

growing a nicer relationship with my brother who is a protector

And showed how to show up like a projector

im not the brightest but i learned, middle school gave me a bruise in the eye 

elementary showed me what friendship could actually be 

And high school is when i learn what i really am 

forthteen  birthday parties so far and one celebration is awaiting 

such a special day shared with someone 

its seems like just yesterday i learned what love is 

yes love just like romeo and juliet,  a love that is unreachable 

a family that never betrays, an imagination that is out of this world

and the chills of not knowing if its all just a dream.....


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