The Real Story

Once upon a time...

In a castle, far, far away.

Living in her tower, 

waiting on her hour.

For her Prince to come save her.

Or so they said.


The Princess was smart,

as sharp as a dart.

She wasn't really waiting on a Prince,

but preparing for him.

The princess wasn't some damsel in distress,

but a figure caught up in a mythical curse.

She couldn't but help herself, 

but to learn about potions, fighting, and the trust of the dragon.


In reality, the Prince had it easy,

Just doing his part in a grand scheme,

that was started by the princess.

So she was waiting and waiting,

for the man she hand picked,

to fulfill the second part of the prophecy.


As to ride off in the sunset,

with her true Prince Charming.

Instead, of a dud,

Who just caught a buzz.

Leaving her in control of her own destiny.


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