The Real Me


The internal Adriece is somebody who is loving, caring, respectful and sensitive

I tend to stay to myself most often. Although I'm very helpful and fun to talk to

So people enjoy being around me, because I'm not at all cocky

I'm actually learning how to become more humble

I keep these feelings and traits usually to myself

I don't know why, but I've made it this far in life


The person who I represent to everyone else is someone who is strong and tough

And not afraid of anything, and only a few friends know the real me

I don't want people always seeing my sensitivy, only when I decide to show it

I want to be remembered as the toughest person, athlete and student

It will only mislead people by showing my internal side to people who don't really know me


Why do you have to hide who you are, on the inside

You should just hold your head up high, and just walk with pride

Why do you have to be scared of you, of who you really are

Doing that get you won't get you very far



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