The Real Me


 The Real Me

    By: Leona Lewis


When I wake up in the mornings

and I look in the mirror,

                                     I see a face staring back

                            but one that is unfamiliar.



With those dull, colorless eyes

and lips that never form a smile,

that girl is supposed to be me,

but those features aren’t mine.



I mean, look at that hair,

all raggy and messy;

and those clothes are no better

for they surely are scruffy.



But those eyes, oh those EYES!

They reveal all the truth-

the truth that’s within

this person of ruth.



So then one night when she went to bed,

she dreamed a wonderful dream.

It was as if she had entered a magical world,

yet everything seemed so real.



In it, she met a stranger

who told her the biggest secret.

He said to her, “open your eyes and look

 deep within so that you can reveal it”.



Though she didn’t quite understand,

she wondered what he had meant.

                                                        And then, so suddenly, as if overnight,

                                                      she realized what she had felt.


So now when I wake in the mornings

and I go to look in that mirror,

the face that I see staring back

is indeed familiar.


  I mean, look at those eyes, those beautiful eyes,

how can they not belong to me?

And that radiant, yet contagious smile

is complementary now you see.


Ah, but that’s not all, oh yes, there’s more,

the little details that make up the key.

                                    Don’t forget the silky smooth hair and vibrant clothes

                     that certainly describe the real me!






Because Poetry courses through my veins and pumps from my heart.


Thank you!  ヅ

❤ ❀


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