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Who am I?

I am the type of girl who is hard to figure out

Who talks about others but never reveals herself

I give advice and try to help others as much as I can

Understanding others isn’t a hard thing for me to do

I am the girl that sits in class, but doesn’t talk much

I’m shy and quiet

When I’m with my family and friends I am I completely different person

I will try to make an effort to talk only if you do to

I get along with everyone

I have a good sense of humor and can make people laugh

If your mood is upside down, I’ll be there to help

I love and care for my family

My grades and education are my number one priority

I am not a perfect person, but its okay because I am fine with what and who I am

I like to have fun in life, I’ve learned to let loose sometimes

People may say I’m boring, but that’s because they don’t know me

I don’t really stay happy most of the time, but try to as much as I can

I am crazy at moments when necessary

And serious when needed as well

I am like every other teenager out there

I love to eat ice cream and sing along to songs

I have stress but I have also learned to manage it at the same time

I don’t really try to fit in and believe that if you are different, you are unique

This is who I really am 

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