Real Man Cries Blues

I am a man, a walking story told from back to front

Single moms, beat dads, kids with issues they don’t want

Writing rhymes just to make a tone-deaf voice heard

Without the fame and fortune, no one listens to your word

Living our life though others, tv dramas make the world absurd

Jersey Shore viewed more than news, relevance & importance obscured

We have Sammie, Ronnie, but who’s Castro or Khadafy

Blinded by the media, parents weren’t there when I needed ya

Problems happening world wide, we don’t focus on our own

We send people away, when the problems are closer to home

Kids growin’ up without parents, kids being parents in broken homes

No one reads a book or checks a paper, but relies on the web and phone

16 and Pregnant how could a show like that ever be relevant

Should be fixing and informing instead of publicizing and conforming

Girls with dream to make it big, doing god knows what just to get a gig

Men hard to find in a world full of pigs, I aint talking cops but our future kids

PYT’s, MIB’s, kids getting arrested but the vendor didn’t check ID’s

You call our world the future of man, I call man a future disease

Hard working parents dying to put food on the table, no money no ease

But the people making money are the athletes, dealers, and the MC’s

Comin through the line for government aid, talking on an iphone drivin an escalade

When we have parents struggling to make ends meet food on the table shoes on the feet

This is a fucked up world, with fucked up views, rise to the top or brotha your bound to lose

Like a kids show just follow the clues, this is a hip hop story a real man cries blues


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