Real Love

I am human, so are you.

I am learning, and you are too.

The mistakes we make, we learn to forgive.

This is the real love, we have to give. 

But not to worry, not to fret.

You are my one and only, don't you forget.

I will never make the mistake of tearing us apart.

This is the real love, that comes from my heart.

The things I tell you, I'm honest about.

And I trust you too, all throughout.

I try my best to communicate, and not to shut down.

This is the real love, I have shown.

No couple is perfect, of this I'm aware

But real love does not hurt, and nor does it scare.

This is how I know for sure,

Your love is real, your actions are pure.

The butterflies in my stomach, have never gone away.

They have been there everyday

and forever I want them to stay,

This is the real love, I am always reminded of.

Our love is unconditional,

What we have is irreplaceable.

And I feel that above all,

This is real love.




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