Just another Facebook acquaintance we would chat every now and then, met you in person you became more than I can apprehend . Feelings for you were stronger than expected I wouldn't give you my heat so I could keep it protected. Acting rough and tough to keep he haters off my back I have a soft spot for you so cut me some slack . Knowing your heart is fragile you lock me out ,but know I'm trustworthy and down without a doubt. Every time we had a issue God worked it out and it breaks my heart going a day without your smile . Were both pushing through the struggle and watching earth's rain we have an understanding because of poor pain. The scars on your face show you didn't have an easy walk in the park I also see your scars as perfect beauty marks . Yea you hurt me but people make mistakes ,I guess we both thought it was a one time thing. Yes I am inexperienced and don't know how to make love to you but I can show you so much love it'll make your soul move . I always ask myself what makes me so different from all the girls you already had? And how this thing been working for so long, hard work and dedication like a well put together song

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This poem is a sign of forgiveness.

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