Wed, 08/13/2014 - 20:48 -- stc7228

all i want to be is real.
it seems strange to think, 
that i've never done anything substantial.
i've never had a dream that i chased,
until i caught it.
i have chased 
and ran
until my finger tips 
brushed the edge,
until i could almost grasp on,
to the kite tails..
and then
i give up.
i always give up.
and i wish
that i could be more than that.
i wish i was a dreamer,
a maker,
a creator.
but more than anything, 
i wish i was a live-er.
i person who despite all else,
could remember each moment
of each day.
a person who could live.
and breath.
and feel.
a person who is real.


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