Ready Set Stop


I think that starting something is almost harder than ending it
you've got all of these things that you want to say
but you've got no way to say them
once you end something
no more hurt can come of it
only healing
but starting something
that's like ripping off the scab
beginning again
which without a doubt can be good
but without a doubt can also be bad
and if you haven't got a good way to start things
well that's just a lost cause
because if there's not a beginning
there's certainly no middle
and definitely no end
no healing
just emptiness
I didn't know where to start
but you were right there
right in front of me
with the bluest eyes I've ever seen
and all the preparing I'd done was gone
it didn't matter anymore
because right there it was only us
it was the words that had to come out
but they couldn't
because they didn't know how to start


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