A reader's tresure

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 20:47 -- Maha

I look at the towering shelves that enchant  me with their dust,

And their books sitting there like a superlative throne.

I find the quiet a blessing,

Because I know they won't forever be silent.


They scream and shout at me with their open covers,

For losing my only treasure.

As I hear a screech coming from my throat,

Telling them to leave my alone.


Their words float gracefully in the air,

Until they pin me to the ground like chains.

They create a snake's tongue out of ink,

And suffocate me.


They take the place I once called a salvation no more,

And replaced it with a world of war.

Between me and my sister,

And how many I could take home.


For all the pain they do give me,

I am scared I would never see them again.

That they will hide behind shelves,

Or jump in someone else's arms.


If only I had my gold,

I could take all the gems I desire.

There wouldn't be a limit,

The one my devilish sister places on me.

I must remember next time,

To find my own library card. 



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