"Reach For The Stars, Be Held Back"

She had big dreams for a girl so young

She wanted the press and the fame

She would pierce her skin until it stung

Her red marks are the ones to blame


Her eyes shined bright like the sun

Her hair was beyond compare

She can never undo what has been done

Her skin give a visual of each red tear


Imagine her picture shown worldwide

Her face shown on every wall

Now she has every reason to hide

She could have been involved in it all


Now she watches her weight

Hoping for a second chance

But after seeing her arms full of hate

They won't give her a second glance

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This poem is about me. I have cut for quite a few months and I dream of becoming a singer. Now I am anorexic trying to make an impression on everybody who can make me famous

Mafi Grey

I'm really impressed with this one because it's shows who you are, you know. I did one myself of who I was just a few of them but I can't enroll them now, but one is MAFI and I know my other is pen, really good. It will either have that in the title so look for those two. I think you will like them. 

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